Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest.
— Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady

Seedlings foundation has set an ambitious community goal:
a matching challenge gift of $250,000

The success of our campaign depends on you. Donations, big and small, will help us bring the New Stetson Library to life and help grow our endowment, building a strong future of the New Haven Free Public Library system.

Community participation in this fundraising effort is critical. And, thanks to the generosity of one of the library's most committed supporters, you can double the impact of your donation.

If we can raise $250,000 from members of the New Haven community, these gifts will be matched—dollar for dollar—to help us achieve our $2 million fundraising goal. Matching funds do not apply to donations from large foundations or corporations, so we are asking you to step up and take advantage of this opportunity to support Stetson Library.

Donations of $50 to $10,000 are eligible for the match.
Every challenge donor will be recognized in this campaign.


Thank you to our Community Challenge Donors:

Jean R. Kelley

William Kilpatrick

Gretchen and Charles Kingsley

Susan Laity

Barbara Lamb

Betty Lambe

Paula Lathrop

Mary Lee

James and Carolyn Lewis

Lore Lichtenberg

Susan Lincoln

Ada Lomax

Long Wharf Theatre

State Senator Martin Looney

Nina Kadan Lottick

Patricia Loving

Reeva Lynes

Sandra Malmquist

Louis Mangini

Dr. Cindy Mann

Alder Adam Marchand

David Margolis

Delores Marshall

Richard and Jeanne Martorana

Rory Martorana

Lynne Maser

Yaira Matyakubova and Andrius Zlabys

Ginger May

Reginald and Patsy Mayo

Courtney D. McCarroll

Milda McClain

Miriam McCrary

Linda McLaughlin

Tiffanie McMillan

Crystal Lynn McPhail

Daniel Mims

Bryana Minor

Eleanor Montgomery

Mary Ann Moran

Michael Morand and Wm. Frank Mitchell

Maria Morris

Kirk Morrison

Mount Hope Temple UHCA Inc.

Morris Moveland

Charles Murphy

George Musgrove

Taura Musgrove

Music Haven

NAACP of Greater New Haven

Judith Naden

James Najarian

National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Delta Phi Chapter

Raymond Nelson

Alina Nevins

New Haven Chapter of The Links, Inc.

New Haven Federation of Teachers

New Haven Girlfriends

New Haven Guardians

New Haven Homeboys

New Haven Public Schools Student Councils

Julia Nicefaro

Candice Norcott

Althea Norcott

Judy Nugent and Drew McDermott

Clara Ogbaa

Sara Ohly

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Chi Omicron Chapter

William Outlaw

Jan Parker

Valerie Parks

William Patton

Becky Paugh

Richard Pearce

Alexis Perkins

William C. Petty III Trust

Elana Ponet

John Porto

Angela and William Powers

Joyce Pritchett

Raymond Pugliese Ed. D

Henry Putzel III

Quarry Hill Fund

Siobhan Quinlan

Quota International of New Haven

Jacqueline Randolph

Regional Water Authority

Jock Reynolds and Suzanne Hellmuth

William and Sandra Richards

Townsend Richards

Mr. Stanley Riveles

Claudette Robinson-Thorpe

Helena Rogers

Malcom and Susan Rogers

Carol Ross

Abigail Roth

Nancy Ruddle

Maria Rysz

Tori and Ronnie Rysz

Marion Sachdeva

Peter Salovey and Marta Moret

Denise Santisteban 

Dr. Mary Ellen Savage

Barbara and Michael Schaffer

The Schaffer Family

Anne Schenck

Judith Schiff

Marna Schneid

Shana Schneider

School Administrators Association

Shaftel Family Foundation

Sandra Shaner

Paula Shemitz

Robert Silverstein and Aileen Reynolds

Mark and Andrea Sklar

Brian Slattery

Angela Smith

Mamie Smith

Sound School

Brett Spearman

Springs of Life-Giving Water Church

William Spruill Jr.

Deborah Stanley

START Community Bank

Aleta Staton

Aleta Staton

Stetson Book Club

Alex Sulpasso and Karla Lindquist

Leonardo Suzio

Jeanette Sykes

Pat Syvertsen

Sandra Taylor

Linda Texeira

Cynthia Texeira

Brian Texeira

Tracey Thomas

James and Deborah Thomas

Gregory Thompkins

Toni Thorpe

Barbara Tinney

Gary Tinney

Margaret Anne Tockarshewsky

Walterine Tolson

David and Lisa Totman

Vaunaella Tucker

Fred Tucker

Maria Tupper

Nathan Utrup

Mark and Carolyn Vanacore

Varick Memorial AME Zion Church

Francesca Vignola

Donna Violante

Charles and Diana Wakerley

Douglas and Angela Wardlow

Marcia Watts

Jean Webb

Susan Weisselberg

Paul Wessel

The West Family

Susan Whetstone

Per and Elaine Wickstrom

Kathleen Williams

Annick Winokur

Andrew Wolf

Livingston and Amy Wormley

Howard Wright

Walter Wright

Tim Yergeau

Yale New Haven Health

Diane Young Turner

George Zdru

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Phi Delta Zeta Chapter 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Pi Lambda Zeta Chapter

Anonymous (7)

Mark Abraham

Daisy Abreu

Brenda Adams

Albertus Magnus College

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Tau Xi Omega Chapter

Susan Anderson

Allan Appel

Catharine Arnold

William Aseltyne

Cynthia and Dana Astmann

Walter Bailey

Sandra Baird

Ray Baldelli

Steven  Barasz

Beverly Barnes

Paul and Carole Bass

Anne Olcott and Robert Beech

Joseph Bella

Julia Berger

Rita Berkson

Sarah Berry

James and Kavita Bhandary-Alexander

Bible Gospel Center

Dennis and Janis Bisio

Lauren Bisio and Philip Boulanger

Elsie Blackshear

Frank and Tina Blackshear

Nannnearl Blackshear

Cyrus Blackshear

Dwight Blackshear

Allen Blakely

Maxine Bleiweis

Annalisa Boerner

Lou Ann Bohman

Wojtek Borowski

Edward Bottomley and Thomas Griggs, Jr.

Robert and Kathleen Bradley

Rochelle Bradley

Pamela Branch

Lisa Brandes

Jennifer Briggs

Jay and Grace Bright

Stephanie Brogan

Martha and James Brogan

Sahar and Josiah Brown

Katurah Bryant

Anne Burns

Hon. Guido Calabresi and Mrs. Anne Calabresi

Melissa Canham-Clyne

Priscilla Canny

Robert Caplan

Marianne Carolla

Jennifer Carroll

Matthew  Cascella

Darlene Castillo

Elsie Chapman

Stanley Chetkowski

Christian Tabernacle Baptist Church

Frances Clark

Sandra Clark

Wendy Clarke

Constance Clement

Lois Cody

Julie Cohen

Liza Comita

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Community/Neighborhood Development Consultants

Connecticut Council of Deliberation

Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School

Jane Snell Copes

Jane Coppock

Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center

Gloristine Cotten-Reid

Patricia Cramer

Claire Criscuolo

Cynthia Cross

Moore Crossey

Lee Cruz

Phyllis Cummings Texeira

Gail Curran

The DCJ Charitable Trust

Matthew Desfosses

Fran DeToro and James Cohen

Dixwell Avenue United Church of Christ

Joy Donaldson

Leslie Douglas-Churchwell

Adrianne Douglas

William and Diane Dow

Patrick Dunn

Rosie Edwards

Michael and Ilona Emmerth

Justin Elicker

Sharyn  Esdaile

Carlah Esdaile-Bragg

Sandra Fagan

Laura Fawcett

Richard Fierberg and Ella Calcote

The Fire Bird Society

Helene Fitch

Jewel Fitch

Stephanie FitzGerald and Frank Cochran

Bradley Fleming

Ben Florsheim

Nelson Ford

Susan Forster

Edward Fortes

Jeffie Frazier

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

Roslyn Freeman

Freetown-New Haven Sister Cities

Betty Frost

Dolores Garcia-Blocker

Ife Gardin

Patricia Garland

Lonnie Garris

Gateway Community College Foundation

Shelley and Gordon Geballe

Robert and Sandra Gibson

Ms. Joanna Gibson

Andrew Giering

Lindy Lee Gold

Delilah Gomes

Goodcopy Visual Communications

Linda Goodman

Patrick Gore

Jason and Katherine Gove

Theodora Graham

Thelma Grant

Graustein Memorial Fund

Greater Dwight Development Corporation

Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce

Greater New Haven Coalition for People

L. Michael Griffel

Roslyn Hamilton-McGraw

Wendeline Hardenberg

Djana Harp

Reynaud Harp

Mayor's Fund for Youth & Seniors, Mayor Toni Harp 

Harris & Tucker School

Edward and Vivian Harris

Thomas and Sharon Haskell

Patricia Helm

Ruth Henderson

Tricia Hetherington

Hill Regional Career High School

Howard K. Hill Funeral Services

Kathryn Hill

Robert Hill

James Hillhouse High School

Hillhouse Class of 2007

Jane Hindenlang

Cynthia Hobbs

Lisa Hopkins

Geoffrey Hotz

James Huckabey

Mae Huckaby

Joan Huggins-Banbury

Bill and Angela Hundley

Marie Inzero

The Ip-Clark-Onorato Family

Fannie Jackson

Mandi Jackson

Debra James

Jane Jervis

Dr. Sheila Stiles Jewell

Erika and John Jessen

Glenn and Janie Johnson

Michele Johnson

Matt and Elin Jokl

The Jokl Family

James Jones

Lisa Kaston

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We apologize in advance for any mistakes! If you notice an error or if we need to make a correction, please contact Lauren Bisio at the New Haven Free Public Library Foundation: or (203) 946-7454.